Manali Tour: Discover The Best Of Manali

TripOVibe Manali Tour: Manali, one of Himachal’s most prominent hill stations, offers breathtaking views of the Pir Panjal and Dhauladhar hills, which are covered in snow for the majority of the year. Our Manali Tourism package provides the Best and Most Unforgettable Manali. Manali is an elevated Himalayan vacation town in Himachal Pradesh, India. It’s a popular trekking and honeymoon destination. It is located on the Beas River and serves as a starting point for skiing in the Solang Valley and trekking in the Parvati Valley. It’s also a starting point for paragliding, rafting, and mountaineering in the Pir Panjal range, which includes the 4,000-meter-high Rohtang Pass.

Once a sleepy village, the modern-day is now one of India’s most popular tourist and holiday destinations, cocooned by its rich cultural heritage and old age traditions. The location is a classic blend of peace and tranquilly, making it a haven for nature lovers and adventure seekers looking to get off the beaten path and experience nature up close.

Manali is surrounded by numerous trekking options, making it an ideal base for exploring this side of the Himalayas. In the nearby town of Kullu, the River Beas offers excellent rafting opportunities. The Parvati Valley, which borders the Parvati River and includes Kasol, Manikaran, Tosh, and other small villages, attracts visitors for longer stays. The Atal Tunnel nowadays allows travellers to travel to Sissu in just a few hours, making Spiti much more convenient to reach.

Tourists visit Rohtang Pass and Solang Valley for a variety of adventure activities such as skiing, paragliding, horseback riding, and zorbing. The Rohtang Pass is almost always covered in snow, and it is frequently overcrowded, resulting in traffic jams.

Manali Tourism: Manali Attractions

Manali is said to have no dull moments. True, thanks to the wide range of activities and attractions available to visitors at this location. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can either buckle up and tie your life to a single parachute and fall from the Himalayan cliffs and paraglide all the way down to the valleys, or you can wear those life jackets and set out to conquer the waters of Beas, or you can simply gear up and find yourself in the life-changing trails of the mountains. If you’re looking for a retreat, there are yoga centres all over Manali that can bring you closer to yourself while also helping you unwind and rejuvenate.

On their honeymoon, couples can visit beautiful attractions such as Bhrigu Lake, Hidimba Temple, Solang Valley, Rohtang Pass, and others. Beautiful resorts for families offer some of the most rewarding experiences in Manali. All you have to do is pack your bags and head out to experience Manali’s contagious spirit.

Hidimba Devi Temple Image By Aditya Prakash
Hidimba Devi Temple

FAQs Related to  Manali Tour Package

1. What is the cost of a Manali tour?

A four-day(3-nights & 4-days) trip to Manali will cost around INR 6500, which includes food, lodging, and transportation. As you choose activities and places to visit, your budget will be exceeded. A four-day trip to Manali is usually recommended because it covers the majority of the tourist attractions and activities, as well as provides time to relax.

2. What is famous about Manali?

It’s stunning. Snow falls for the majority of January and February. Throughout the year, it is possible to visit. There are options for snow sports, paragliding, and other adventure sports. Drives to Spiti Valley and Ladakh begin here.

3. What is the most famous foods of Manali?

Manali is known for its street food and has incorporated many dishes from other cuisines into its own. When in Manali, make sure to try the following dishes:

  • Bhey, fried trout (steamed and sauteed lotus stems)
  • Sidu (local bread)
  • Chha Gosht (Marinated mutton cooked over low heat)
  • Chana Madra (tangy and spicy chickpeas)
  • Aktori
  • Twin-fried chicken
  • ‘Momos’ (dumplings with a variety of fillings)

4. Which mode of transportation is best for getting to Manali?

Both the Volvo and the taxi are viable options. Travelling by taxi is a better option if one wishes to stop in Shimla. Otherwise, Volvo is quite comfortable and reasonably priced. Manali tour packages allow travellers to select their mode of transportation.

5. Distance Between Delhi to Manali

The drive from Delhi to Manali by road will be equally fascinating as you see landscapes change – from the hustle and bustle of the city to rustic towns and villages, and finally to the lush valleys and hills of Himachal. Delhi to Manali distance is 537.0 km via NH 44 and it takes 12 hr 33 min to reach from Delhi to Manali through car, cab, bus or Volvo.

Best Routes from Delhi to Manali

  • Ambala-Chandigarh (Via NH 44 & 154) 
  • Banur-Palampur (Via NH 44 & 205)
  • Shimla Road (Via NH 44 & 5)

6. Delhi to Manali by Bus

It takes 12  to 14 hours to reach Delhi to Manali by Bus. Delhi to Manali bus fare ranges from Inr 650 to 1500 per person depending upon the bus service an individual opts for.

7. What are the ways by which one can reach Manali From Delhi?

You can choose to travel from Delhi to Manali via train. Train ticket price from Delhi to Manali is determined by your seat preference. It will cost Rs.1100 to book First AC (1A). It costs around Rs. 700 for 2A and Rs. 50 for 3A. Different trains have different rates because the duration and route of the trains are not the same. We recommend that you book your train tickets well in advance in order to secure your seats and avoid overpaying for Tatkal tickets.